Orientální koření

Star anise

The spice of the beautiful shape of the eight-pointed star, the delicate spicy sweetish aroma is used to flavor and decorate the dishes.


It has a very sharp and intense flavor. It is used to flavor stews and soups.

Mustard seeds

The famous yellow spice, lemon flavor.


We sell chilli spice of different degrees of aroma and spicy. For lovers of hot meals we also have big, economical packaging.


A traditional ingredient in curry, characterized by aromatic scents. Excellent flavor for the meat dishes. Try adding it to your coffee or tea!


Curry is a mixture of spices widely used mainly in Indian cuisine. It has a slightly sweet and sour taste, but we can also find hotter variants.

Caraway seeds

One of the oldest used spices. It is available whole or ground.


Coriander is related to caraway, anise and dill, and is one of the essential ingredients of Indian dishes. It is perfect for lamb and beef.


Also known as Indian saffron. It contains curcumin, a yellow natural dye and so we add it to food for coloring (rice, sauces, fish).


Usually, nutmeg is used as a seasoning condiment to appetite. It is bitter and sweet and at the same time pungent.


Frequently used spice, part of most meals. There are many varieties, ranging from the sweet form to the chilli spice.


The most widely used spice in the world. Used whole or ground. There are many varieties of pepper (black, green, white, red), which differ in color and taste according to the maturity of the seeds.

Fenugreek (Greek Hay)

A very aromatic spice of authentic flavor, it adds an unforgettable exotic flavor to the dish.


The intense aroma of rosemary adds flavor to stewed meats, especially lamb and mutton. Dispense carefully!


A favorite spice of sweet taste suitable for the preparation of sweets but also meat dishes.

Cinnamon Cassia

Rough and pungent cinnamon variety, suitable for meat and curry blends.


Do you know why saffron is the most expensive spice in the world? For 1kg of the spice it is necessary to manually collect up to 200,000 flowers of saffron. But his peculiar and spicy taste will give your food perfection.


An abundantly used herb with a slightly sweet lemon flavor. It is added to minced meat, poultry and lamb.


Dried ground ginger has a softer flavor than fresh. It stands out mainly on chicken meat, but can also be added to vegetables or fruit salads.


Baharat is a mixture of spices used in the Gulf countries to spice up especially lamb but also other grilled meats.

Lemon Tagine

An excellent blend for tagine (a meat cooked in a tagine, special pot) Particularly suitable for the preparation of white meat but also roasted vegetables.


Harrissa is a spicy blend from Tunisia, popular in Algiers and Morocco. In the Maghreb region (North Africa) it is used almost for all meals.

Ras Elhanout

Well-known Moroccan spice mixture. Its Arabic name means "top of the trade" and suggests that it is the best spice we can offer you. It adds piquancy especially to meat dishes and sauces.


Sumac spice is a deep red powder. It has a fruity sour, fuzzy flavor, it is similar to lemon juice or vinegar. It is used in Middle Eastern and African cuisine. Suitable for meat, fish, kebab, chicken, hummus and salads.


Za'atar is a typical oriental spice blend which has a tonic effect. It consists of a mixture of sesame, thyme, fennel, coriander and other herbs. Ideal for Arabic bread, white bread or salads.

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