Oriental specialties

We offer oriental specialties

We supply oriental specialties and other products that are still little known to Czech customers, but very popular in the world. Thanks to our semi-finished products you will no longer have to go to the Middle East for Hummus Chick Paste or patties known as Falafel. Neither will you have to go to a Syrian bazaar to find very popular dishes, such as eggplants filled with nuts - Makdous, or world famous sweets like baklava. Just visit our store!!! Here we will be pleased to offer you all these delicacies, as well as many other delicious delicacies.

Grape leaves stuffed with rice

The mixture of cooked long grain rice and herbs is hand entwined in grape leaves. Unusual but great dish served with meat and alone with pastries.

Peppers stuffed with rice

Peppers can be served as a side dish to meat, but also cold. Try lemon flavoring.

Cabbage stuffed with rice

Traditional Egyptian food (mahsi cromb). Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and a mixture of herbs.

Zucchini stuffed with rice

Favorite canned zucchini stuffed with rice, seasoned with spices. Particularly delicious as a side dish to meat.

Eggplant stuffed with rice

Canned eggplant stuffed with rice, seasoned with spices.

Okra in tomato sauce

Green okra combined with delicious tomatoes You can add it to stew (goulash) or as a side dish for meat and rice

Grilled vegetables

Grilled aubergine, pepper and zucchini. Delicious side dish with grilled and roasted meat.


Arabic specialty! Eggplant stuffed with walnuts, garlic and peppers. Pickled in a spicy mixture of soy and olive oil.

Pickled turnip

Root vegetables related to watermelon. Have a sweet, slightly peppery taste. It is pickled in brine together with beets, giving the infusion a typical purple-pink color.

Pickled cucumbers

Wild cucumbers in brine, suitable as a side dish for meats or cold dishes.

Pickled vegetables

Mixture of vegetables (hot peppers, carrots, lemon, ginger, cabbage, turnips, cucumbers, spices) pickled in oil. Suitable as a side dish for meats or toasts.

Pickled hot peppers

Different varieties of hot peppers, from slightly spicy to hot spicy.

Hummus, Chickpea Paste

A popular paste of cooked and mashed chickpeas. Can be served on a plate and topped with olive oil or lemon. Or just grease the bread. Very healthy and hearty snack or breakfast.

Baba ghanoush, Eggplant Paste

Ready spiced eggplant paste, called "aubergine caviar" for its delicious taste. The basis is a baked eggplant and sesame paste (Tahina).

Tahina, Sesame Paste

Excellent, slightly diluted sesame paste, made from crushed sesame seeds and sea salt. Part of many traditional oriental specialties (hummus, falafel, halva).


Okra, the green pericarp, is commonly used in stewed dishes, with vegetables and meat in the eastern Mediterranean. Or it is served in the form of soup.

Mulukhiyah, jute leaves

Fresh or dried jute leaves, one of the main foods during the reign of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. They look similar as spinach. An effective antioxidant.

Harissa hot sauce

Very hot chilli sauce, which will be appreciated especially by gourmets. Suitable for meats and sausages.

Ajvar bash, hot

Traditional sauce made of red peppers and eggplants. Suitable for toasts, for pastry greasing, as a side dish for meats or cold appetizers.

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