Oriental sweets

Oriental sweets and pastries

Arabic pastry is unsurpassed in their sweetness, usually including a pile of honey or sugar syrup, various kinds of nuts and almonds. We would like to offer you the best of original oriental sweets and pastries. We have our own factory and bakery!!! Our sweets are prepared by hand from high-quality ingredients and baked just for you.
Pastries with syrup

Baklava with custard

Baklawa with pistachios

Baklava mix

Kunafa with cheese

Bruma with pistachios

Esh Al Bulbul with pistachios

Katayef with pudding

Katayef with nuts

Halawet-eljibin with pudding

Dry sweets

Mamoul with pistachios

Mamoul with walnuts

Mamoul with coconut

Biscuits with dates

Barazek with pistachios



Halva with pistachios

Halva with chocolate


Turkish sweets

In our shop you can find more oriental sweets from different countries

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