Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

The highest quality oil, obtained from the first cold pressing of the olives, only by mechanical gentle processes. Content of free fatty acids up to 1%.

Virgin olive oil

High quality oil is obtained from olives by mechanical extrusion and pressing without the use of chemical additives. Free fatty acid content from 1 to 2%.

Olive oil flavored

Popular olive oils are flavored with various types of herbs or spices, or other aromatic substances (eg, fruit) of the highest quality.

Olive oil light

A blend of extra virgin and refined olive oil, it is ideal for heat treatment.

Organic olive oil

Oil obtained from hand picked olives without chemical spraying by mechanical cold pressing. It is processed only a few hours after harvesting. The production combines traditional and modern technology while maintaining the principles of organic farming. Acidity up to 0.5%

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