Rice and pulses

Basmati rice

The noblest variety of rice, grown at the foot of the Himalayas. Well-stored matures for up to two years, thus fully developing its taste and aroma reminiscent of a nut. It is characterized by a long, slim, quality grain.

Jasmine rice

Rice originally from Thailand and used mainly in Asian cuisine. It has a long, slightly translucent grain with a delicate floral aroma. Its sticky consistency makes it ideal for pudding or dessert.

Long grain rice

Long grain rice, suitable for risotto, for roasting, for filling peppers and as a classic side dish.

Round grain rice

Rice with small, round to plump grains. Contains a lot of starch, so it is beautifully soft and fluffy after cooking. It is suitable for preparing puddings, puddings, rice mashes, but also for Spanish paella.


Bulgur is obtained from hard wheat varieties, its grains are soaked, cooked and, after drying, crushed into smaller pieces.

Red lentils

The red lentils are peeled out of the brownish-red skin, resulting in improved digestibility and removal of flatulence. Suitable as a side dish for meats, soups and as a separate dish.

Green lentils

A classic legume suitable for preparing mashes, soups, salads and as a separate dish. It is a source of valuable substances, especially proteins.


One of the first domesticated legumes in general. Chickpeas is a full-fledged food that has a balanced ratio of all of the body's important nutrients.

White beans

Beans, like other legumes, have a tough shell and a high starch content, so we soak them before use. They are a valuable source of protein.


Interestingly less known and underrated pulses in our country. It contains up to 37% protein as well as soy. Very easy to grow in our latitudes.


They contain not only high-quality nutrients but also a number of beneficial substances.


This small type of pasta is an ideal and easily digestible ingredient.

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