Coffee and tea

Arabic coffee

Well-roasted coffee, known for its spicy taste and aroma. This Arabic coffee is prepared in a long-handled jar (cezve). Usually cold water is poured into a cezve and several teaspoons of finely ground coffee and sugar are added. It is necessary to bring the contents to a boil and repeat it three times. Arabic coffee is ready! You can flavor it with cardamom.

Turkish tea

A special sort of black tea. Really tasty, aromatic drink, suitable for daily use. It has a sweet taste and reddish brown color. This type of tea has a crushed leaf. In our shop we guarantee the best quality tea.

Arabica coffee, with cardamom

Arabica Coffee

Lebanese coffee

Black tea, in bulk

Green tea, in bulk

Hibiscus tea, karkade

Mate tea

Spiced tea

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